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Ashford Castle teamed up with Midleton Rare Whiskey and Waterford Crystal to create a unique cask and engraved Ashford Castle tumblers.


07th January 2020

Ashford Castle

Built in the 13th century and formerly the seat of the famous Guinness dynasty, Ashford Castle has a special place in Irish history. Now, Ashford Castle is partnering with two other historic Irish names to create an exclusive new offering. Collaborating with Midleton Rare Whiskey and Waterford Crystal, the trio have created a unique cask that's been custom made for the property in addition to bespoke crystal whiskey tumblers and a carafe engraved with Ashford Castle's logo.

Ashford Castle, Midleton Rare Whiskey and Waterford Crystal 

With its incomparable setting and rich history, Ashford Castle strives to provide its guests with the best of the best, whether that's a sumptuous spa experience, a private falconry lesson, or in this case, a bespoke rare whiskey exclusively for their enjoyment. As General Manager Niall Rochford explains, 'We are thrilled to be partnering with two such iconic brands, particularly ones that so closely reflect the standard and attitude toward guest experience that Ashford Castle espouses."

Ashford Castle  Midleton Rare Whiskey and Waterford Crystal

The project is a natural partnership between three well-known Irish brands with similarly exceptional standards. Ashford Castle is well regarded for its extraordinary Irish whiskey collection, which is partly a result of owner Stanley Tollman's love and knowledge of the spirit. Indeed, Stanley Tollman has taken an active role in the collaboration from the start. Home to the largest collection of maturing Irish whiskey in the world, the Midleton Distillery produces a Very Rare collection, some of which is available to try at Ashford Castle. Each whiskey in the collection is hand chosen by Midleton's Master Distiller, Brian Nation, and the selection includes an impressive array of limited releases, special editions and ultra-prestige bottles. The cask created for Ashford Castle, known as cask #70345, is a virgin oak American barrel, meaning that the cask has not been used previously so the flavour of the oak is stronger. Filled by Midleton with a medium style pot still, this style was chosen in order to compliment the type of wood used for the cask and provide a pleasingly spicy aroma.

Ashford Castle  Midleton Rare Whiskey and Waterford Crystal

It goes without saying that the finest whiskey deserves to be served in only the most elegant crystal glasses. Named after the town where it's located, Waterford Crystal has been in operation since the late 1700s. Painstakingly handcrafted by artisans who use traditional methods, the company produces some of most exquisite crystal in the world. Visitors to Ashford Castle will be able to admire the custom made Waterford crystal carafe and tumblers, which proudly bear the Castle's logo, whilst sampling the elegant and complex flavours of the specially made Midleton Rare Whiskey cask.

Interested in purchasing the Ashford Castle and Midleton Rare Whiskey signature set? Click here to visit the gift shop. 

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