Traditional Irish Recipes
3 Traditional Irish Recipes to Make for St Patrick's Day

Celebrate St Patrick's Day with these delicious and traditional Irish recipes.

13th March 2018

JP McMahon
My Ireland: Interview with Michelin Star Chef JP McMahon

JP McMahon talks to us about what Irish foods you must try, his dream Galway food tour, and why we should all be eating more seaweed.

25th December 2017

irish soda bread
How to Make Traditional Irish Soda Bread

Here, our Head Pastry Chef at Ashford Castle, Paula Stakelum shares her recipe for how to make the perfect Irish soda bread, a delicious and versatile baking classic.

03rd November 2017

RCH blog post
The Icing on the Cake: Tips for achieving the Perfect Wedding Cake

Vows and dress aside, the wedding cake is a central part of any couple’s big day. From what baker to work with to which flavours and what design to choose, the perfect wedding cake requires a good deal of planning. However, it needn’t be a stressful experience thanks to wedding venues such as The

07th July 2017

How to forage
From Estate to Plate: Foraging Fine Food at Ashford Castle

Mother Nature’s larder is an endless source of delicious ingredients that are hard to find on shop shelves. Whether plucking blackberries from hedgerows or snipping mushrooms from tree stumps, gathering items from the great outdoors is rewarding and a great way to enliven your home cooking. Ashford Castle’s sprawling Irish estate is full of

30th May 2017

Black Magic: Cooking with Guinness on St Patrick's Day

Chefs and stout-lovers have known for decades that Guinness’ magic doesn’t have to stop at the bar. Instead it lends itself to lots of dishes, both savoury and sweet. Bringing dark, malty, roasted notes to bear on everything from coffee to bread, from brownies to cake, the best bit is that if there’s any stout

15th March 2017

Afternoon Tea at Ashford Castle
Savour Afternoon Tea at Ashford Castle

Settings don’t get much more regal than the 350-acre estate of Ashford Castle, which reflects its deep heritage through not only the opulent elegance of its interiors, but also through its lavish afternoon tea. And now with the arrival of a really quite special antique silver-gilt tea set, this luxurious afternoon treat is an exceptional

03rd December 2015

Top Five Restaurants in Galway City for Locavores

Ireland’s west coast is rich with seafood, dairy, meat, and vegetables, and nowhere more so than Galway, which has natural abundance and a veritable army of diligent farmers and producers. A stay at Ashford Castle or The Lodge at Ashford Castle, with its decadent dining rooms and top-notch chefs, is one of the best places

16th September 2015
Green Cuisine: Fresh, Locally Sourced Food in Galway

Galway is a foodie’s paradise. From the Wild Atlantic Salmon in its rivers to the world-class oysters found off its shores, the rich, creamy cheeses to the wealth of incredible lamb and beef, there’s no shortage of delicious, mouthwatering food in Galway. With that in mind, we’ve put together a guide to some of the

21st August 2015

Where to Sample the Best Galway Whiskey

Ashford Castle is the perfect place to try the finest Irish Whiskey in sumptuous surroundings.

25th February 2015

Where to Eat Oysters in Galway

Galway, widely recognised the world over for its fantastic local oysters, this particular stretch of Irish coastline is home to some of the best seafood you'll find.

29th January 2015

A Traditional Irish Christmas in Galway
A Traditional Irish Christmas in Galway

With the peace and tranquillity of the Wild Atlantic Way and the grandeur of a 350-acre estate, Ashford Castle and The Lodge at Ashford Castle provide all the ingredients for a luxurious Christmas getaway. But when you’ve finally perfected your golf swing, honed your equestrian skills, triumphed against the estate’s clay pigeons and tried your

19th November 2014

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