Introducing PureFlow Passive Cardio at Ashford Castle Spa


Ashford Castle’s Spa is haven of calm and relaxation, They have introduced a pioneering treatment with its PureFlow experience, described as a 'passive cardio system’ this unique treatment is designed to boost wellness and help aid physical recovery and performance.


20th October 2017

Ashford Castle

Occupying a stunning conservatory exquisitely decorated with mosaic tiles, Ashford Castle’s Spa is haven of calm and relaxation for weary travellers. The spa combines a lavish decor with the latest innovative beauty treatments and a state of the art Fitness Centre. Alongside an extensive treatment menu that includes facials, pedicures and massages, guests looking to try something a bit different should book in for a PureFlow treatment. Hailed as Ireland’s first PureFlow experience, this unique treatment is designed to boost wellness and help aid physical recovery and performance, and is described as a ‘passive cardio system’ or, in other words, the equivalent of a gym workout without lifting a finger. Here Ashford Castle’s spa manager, Michelle Ryan, talks us through the treatment and its myriad benefits.

Can you explain to us what PureFlow is and how it works?

“PureFlow works on the basis of counter-pulsation technology and this pioneering treatment has a host of physical and mental benefits. Designed to pulse in rhythm with your own heartbeat, it’s known to have similar benefits to a 30-minute gym workout, without the hassle.”

Why was it important to you to offer Ireland’s first PureFlow experience?

“It was important to us because PureFlow is such a unique treatment with some really special benefits. It’s great for improving circulation, promoting detoxification and increasing lymphatic flow as well as providing mentally beneficial results too, including stress relief. It’s also fantastic for aiding jet lag, one of the most common complaints our guests come to us with, and we’re always delighted to recommend PureFlow.”

 What can visitors expect during a PureFlow treatment?

“Firstly, a heart monitor is applied to the client. Then, velcro cuffs are wrapped around the calves, hamstrings, quads and glutes. Once that is complete we start the treatment and the velcro cuffs inflate with compressed air, which then pulsates in and out of the cuffs. The feeling is quite similar to having your blood pressure taken but it’s on your legs rather than your arm.”

 What are the key benefits of this treatment?

“Alongside its detoxification properties, a PureFlow treatment can also help recovery post exercise as it helps relieve lactic acid build up and thus lessens muscle soreness. What’s more, it can aid fitness enthusiasts looking to increase their physical endurance and also help relax muscles, which will help with flexibility.”


 What sort of guest is the PureFlow treatment most suited to?

“I always recommend PureFlow to guests who’ve arrived after a long-haul flight; any visitors that are feeling run down and in need of a reboot; and active guests that are suffering from muscle soreness. Additionally, it’s great for anyone who’s enjoyed a bit too much of Ashford Castle’s fabulous food and wine and would like to kick-start a detox!”

How many PureFlow treatments are required before effects are felt? 

“For jet-lag or muscular soreness, the effects are immediate. We do, however, recommend three to four 30-minute sessions to really feel the detoxifying effects of the treatment.”

Are there any other treatments that you recommend guests enjoy alongside PureFlow?

“PureFlow is the perfect treatment to have before enjoying a massage as it would trigger the detoxification of the body. We recommend that guests having a massage here should enjoy a 30-minute PureFlow session pre-massage.”

Arrive early for your treatment at the Spa at Ashford Castle and take advantage of the excellent steam room, relaxation pool and lounge.

Image Credits: All images courtesy of Red Carnation Hotels.

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