Off-road adventures at Ashford Castle


Discover the fun of off-roading, now available as an activity at Ashford Castle.


29th January 2019

Ashford Castle

Renowned for its beautiful grounds and impressive array of outdoor activities, Ashford Castle’s new off-road adventures combine the estate’s unspoilt natural landscape with high-adrenaline activity. Slip behind the wheel of a Land Rover and head off into an enjoyable and exhilarating exploration of the Connemara countryside, while also polishing your driving skills and training your ability to tackle tricky terrain.


Off Road Adventure


From a 90-minute taster session to a full-day of driving across various terrains, our off-roading adventures can be adapted to suit every preference. Under expert guidance, you’ll be at the wheel of a 4x4 as you work your way through a series of obstacles that include water splashes, steep climbs and technical descents. Designed by leading experts in the field, Ashford’s two off-road courses challenge your driving skills in an idyllic Irish setting. 

David O'Loughlin of Ashford Outdoors, the team that facilitates the excursions, explains: “Here on the Ashford Estate, home to hundreds of acres of magnificent forests and land, we’ve created a true off-road challenge course that showcases both the estate and the prowess of our off-road vehicles. It’s sure to thrill and challenge our guests.” As well as being a lot of fun, David explains that off-roading has plenty of practical benefits too: “Guests develop their driving skills and gain a greater understanding of vehicle control, obstacle handling and how to assess different environments.”
Suitable for families, groups and individuals, the team at Ashford Outdoors welcomes beginners. David has several helpful tips for newbies, “Dress appropriately for the countryside. Wellies and a good warm coat are a great idea. Always be considerate of the environment, other users and wildlife and drive as slow as possible but as fast as necessary; momentum is your friend. Finally, make sure you bring a camera and a good sense of adventure!”


Off Road Adventure 


Experience the thrill of off-road adventures at Red Carnation Hotels’ Ashford Castle this spring.

All images courtesy of Red Carnation Hotels.

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