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Telephone: +353 94 9546003

Ashford Outdoors

The Team Building, Leadership & Development Programme

The Ashford Outdoors Team Building, Leadership & Development programme is an opportunity for business teams to make fundamental improvements to their leadership and teamwork performance and capabilities. Our unique outdoor training experiences, pre-training profiling and ongoing assessment enables leaders and teams to identify their current performance enablers and inhibitors, and equips them with the skills and tools to rapidly advance their workplace performance.

The team at Ashford Outdoors have created the perfect team building experience for your company. Using our innovative fresh thinking your team members will be challenged to ‘The Elite Team' experience.

  • Build a winning team character and culture
  • Invigorate spirit and passion
  • Develop enhanced communication skills
  • Inspire more focused and effective leadership
  • Enhanced decision making under pressure
  • Develop better inter- personal relationships and awareness

When working with teams we focus on three key areas of team development. Team bonding, function analysis, reflection and education through fun outdoor experiential activities.  

During this we examine the individuals understanding of the different personality types within the group and the strengths and weakness of each in terms of decision making, planning and execution. Vision and how well the individuals inspire and communicate that vision are also a key component of the days learning. 

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