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Telephone: +353 94 9546003

Telephone: +353 94 9546003

Fitness and Pure Flow

The Fitness Studio

With breath taking, elevated views over Lough Corrib, the new Gym is far from your average workout space. Floor to ceiling windows draw the spectacular scenery inside, where you'll find the latest Life Fitness equipment, and discover unique wellness technology with the PureFlow™ Fitness session designed to combat fatigue and improve endurance, performance and recovery.

A personal trainer will be on hand to create bespoke sessions according to your specific goals.

Ireland's First Pure Flow Experience

PureFlow™ is a passive cardio system to optimize your health and lifestyle and improves your endurance, performance & recovery. PureFlow™ uses the principles of counter-pulsation technology, which can help improve circulation, increase oxygenation, and promote detoxification by optimizing blood flow in sync with the rhythm of heart. The increased blood flow from PureFlow’s™ pumping action drives oxygen and nutrients into cells more effectively than the heart alone can. This revolutionary process enhances the body’s natural functions.

The treatment helps facilitate the movement of fluid throughout the body, increasing energy levels and mental clarity, decreasing swelling and water retention, while revitalizing and oxygenating the tissues.

Jet Lag Remedy

Whether you’ve been jetting from JFK to Johannesburg or from London or Hong Kong to Heathrow, our Jet Lag Remedy reboots your system. We recommend taking one session for every three hours of time difference you’ve travelled, or just any time you need to reboot your body clock.

Personal Training

A pre-work out warm up or post work-out recovery plan to reduce lactic acid and ensure you’re ready to relax.

Breakfast Boost

An early-morning Pure Flow experience to invigorate you for the day ahead. We highly recommend this treatment for our corporate clients.

Lunch Time Boost

Get the endorphin boost you expect from a full 30-minute gym workout without the time and hassle of showering afterwards with Pure Flow.

The Detox Program

It’s recommended to perform a three or five detox cleanse every four to six months. Talk to our expert therapists who can design a bespoke detox program especially for you, from juice based cleanses to special alkaline meal programs for digestive purification.


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